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Water - a daily necessity, so shouldn't you insure that the water you drink is the purest and safest for your body.

Switch from those heavy expensive bottles today and get bottled water quality right at your sink,
and save money at the same time!

Water Softeners


So, make the smart choice for you and your family, call Tadlock Water Solutions today!

Some Of Our Equipment

Pro-Line System

Cuno System

Leak Controller

Antique Bronze

Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

Our maintenance program is set up for our residential customers every 6 months and includes the following:

  • Filter replacement
  • Sanitize the filter housing
  • Inspect the filter housing and o-rings
  • Check all connections, fittings and lines
  • Check the PSI
  • Water quality test (TDS)

Our commercial maintenance consists of the same, but will be set up every 6 months at the least or as frequently as needed.
We recommend the maintenance on your system be completed at the least every 6 months.  With the proper maintenance it  not only protects your investment in the equipment,  but also ensures the longevity of your system, keeps your system operating at it's optimum performance and ensures the quality of your drinking water.

Systems Serviced

We will be happy to make a courtesy call to look at any make and model of your reverse osmosis system, water dispenser or water softening equipment. We guarantee our assessment will be fair and honest.

Tadlock Water can service anything from existing equipment to replacing  parts.
Here are some examples:

  • Filters
  • Membranes
  • Post Filters
  • Calcite Filters
  • Tanks
  • Special order items
  • Brine tank clean out
  • Re bedding water softener tanks



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